Seminar : Laboratory of wonders

Seminario para la facutad de Arquitectura de la Univeridad HSBHochschule BremenCity University of Applied Sciences

Laboratory of wonders

Weaving space, objects and storytelling into an exhibition.

A collaborative process of space creation departing from a meaningful object and/or a powerful story. Inspired by the cabinets of curiosities from the 17th Century in Europe, in this experimental seminar we will explore how to build contemporary cabinets of wonders: new space experiences based on objects and their potential narratives from a post-colonial perspective.

Can an object be more than an object? How can objects influence their surrounding space, and viceversa? How do stories anchored in objects translate into space experiences? How can these space-experiences bring new and critical perspectives upon key collective issues?

Students will engage in collaborative research, conceptualization and design of a series of cabinets of wonders for an eventual collective exhibition.

Docentes • Ana ÁlvarezNils Dallmann • Seminario online para la Hochschule BremenCity University of Applied Sciences 2022 y 2023

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